AABC Training and Education

Moving Beyond Crisis

January 16th- March 23rd 2024 (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

The cornerstone of the Moving Beyond Crisis Training of Trainers is to ensure providers working with families through the Family, Friend, and Neighbor, licensed and legally unlicensed care delivery method are equipped with essential care components to enhance the early childhood development of young children from Black, Indigenous, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Somali, and Latino (e) communities.
Session 1: Session 1: Getting Ready: Using the “It’s All About Me” Curriculum
Session 2: ACE Awareness
Session 3: Sensitive and Appropriate Home Visiting and the Importance of Cultural Identity
Session 4: Maternal Child Health
Session 5: Culturally Specific Essentials: What We Want You to Know

Birthing Fruition 5 Prong Training

May 1st – July 31st, 2024 (Registration Opens 3/15/2024)

Session 1: Community Outreach Perinatal Educator Training (COPE)
Session 2: Ace Awareness & Historical Trauma
Session 3: Culturally Responsive Home Visiting
Session 4: Breast Feeding and Lactation
Session 5: It's All About Me: Training Resources
Session 6: Adult Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED

It's All About Me Training

Customized Trainings Available!

It’s All About Me training is a transformative curriculum focused on youth mental health and resilience. Based on evidence-based ACEs research, this training addresses key elements of an ACEs approach to building personal and community resilience. Through engaging activities, we will teach calming techniques, support friendships and family bonds, and celebrate each child's uniqueness within their cultural communities. Our goal is to reduce the negative effects of toxic stress and trauma, providing resources for both children and adults. 

AABC Host Training

June 13 & 14th 2024

  • Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
    451 Lexington Parkway North
    Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
  • 651-280-2424

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