Supporting Healthy Pregnancies

The Integrated Care and High Risk Pregnancy Initiative (ICHRP) addresses disparities in the African American community when it comes to pregnancy and birth outcomes, including low birth weight, preterm birth, infant and maternal mortality. Our partners in this initiative are NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, the St. Paul Care Collaborative (made up of Open Cities, West Side Community Health Services, and United Family Medicine), and the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

The AABC’s role in this initiative it to catalyze their relationships within the community with parents and families and connect them to resources provided by NorthPoint, the St. Paul Care Collaborative, and others in the County. AABC is also providing trainers to providers and community members to educate them about the disparities and equip them with tools in order to help them make the right decisions about their care or how providers can improve the care they offer to be more holistic and culturally relevant. The goal of the ICHRP Initiative is to reduce the effects of social determinants of health, such as housing, economic stability and education on pregnancy outcomes.

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