Community Based Research

Over the last decade we have learned a great deal about the development of babies’ brains. However, much of this information has not reached our community.

The African American Babies Coalition wants to assure its audience that we understand the historical plight and strain of the African American community that prevents us from reacting openly to research produced by European American scientists.

We have responded to this reality by creating a safe environment where we can increase awareness on key issues and concerns regarding the health and wellbeing of families. In order for the community to accept new evidence-based findings they must be engaged and in the know on research designed by African Americans for our community.

This is our principled commitment to the community:

  1. We will make the case for the research we collect will engage in dialogue showing our rationale.
  2. We will provide opportunities where everyone (from the ground up) can ask questions and connect the words with action.
  3. We will introduce new tools and resources that will be a support to parents and advance their parenting skills.

AABCbracelet Brains are Built bracelets are given to participants after trainings with the idea that the bracelets will be passed on to community members as a way to spread the message!